FAQs About Buying Gold

Precious metals like gold coins and silver bullion represent our idea of treasure, and they’ve always been collectibles for that reason. If you’re thinking about investing in gold, make ...
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Beginning a Paper Money Collection

When you hear the phrase paper money collection, the person is probably not talking about his or her personal wealth. Although, a paper money collection may add up to much more than the face value ...
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Top Tips for Finding Rare Coins

As you get more serious about your coin collecting hobby, you may find that you are on the hunt for rare coins that can serve as showpieces for your collection. When you find a rare coin that is ...
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What Makes a Nickel Top-Tier?

Coins all have their face values, but sometimes a coin turns out to be worth exponentially more than you might think. Watch this video and find out what makes a nickel top-tier. When it comes to coins ...
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How Should I Store My Autograph Collection?

Collecting autographs is a valuable and rewarding hobby. Unlike metal coins, however, autographs can be very sensitive and susceptible to environmental damage. To preserve your autographs, you should ...
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Getting Started with Stamp Collecting

When you are starting a new stamp collection, it is important to keep several tips and tricks in mind. In this video, you will learn some essential information for new stamp collectors. To get started ...
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Caring for Your Paper Money Collection

If you are a money collector, chances are that your collection includes both coins and paper bills. While paper money can be a valuable and historically interesting addition to any collection, it ...
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What Characteristics Improve the Value of a Stamp?

Stamp collecting has been a popular hobby since the 19 th century, and its valuating techniques have undergone changes over the years with updates in technology. Centering, perforation marks, and ...
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Spotlight on Some of the Most Valuable Coins in Circulation

There are many types of coins that are still regularly circulated throughout the United States that carry more value than consumers might realize. Some coins may have noticeable defects and others ...
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The Origins of Exchange and Money

Did you know historians and archaeologists have found evidence of trade from the start of human history? Early humans would often exchange goods—such as food, tools, and other ...
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How Are Diamonds Valued?

Diamonds are valued in many ways—most specifically, in four ways. The 4Cs—clarity, color, cut, and carat weight—are used by gemologists to determine the quality of the diamond, its ...
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Is One of Your Pennies Worth Much More Than You Think?

To most people, coins seem practically worthless. But savvy coin collectors know better, and they’re constantly on the lookout for coins that are worth far more than their face value. One ...
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How Can I Find Out What My Stamps Are Worth?

Like other collectibles, stamps can be difficult to appraise, especially if you don’t have much experience with them. If you’ve recently inherited a collection, consider talking to a rare ...
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Fun and Interesting Facts About Money

The desire for more money is what most people think of when considering paper money, but cash actually has a fascinating secret life. You probably already know that your paper money isn’t paper, ...
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Factors That Influence a Coin's Value

When you get started collecting coins, you’ll quickly find that a coin’s price and its value are 2 different things. The price is its retail price, or how much you’ll pay to purchase ...
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Where Should I Begin Looking for Stamps?

You can find stamps through several different avenues, such as your own mailbox, the local hobby shop, and local stamp clubs. These resources can help you build your collection with new and different ...
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Caring for Your Paper Money Collection

Caring for paper money is very similar to caring for collectible coins and stamps. You must have the right supplies—like acid-free holders and soft gloves—to preserve the collectibles and ...
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A Coin Collecting Guide for New Hobbyists

Beginning a coin collection for the first time is exciting and ultimately a rewarding experience. However, you must know the basics—such as proper coin terms and collecting supplies—to ...
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A Quick Overview of Investing in Precious Metals

Precious metals have proven to be a valuable asset for thousands of years. They often retain much of their original value, and they are typically more portable than other assets. Watch this video and ...
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FAQs About Stamp Collecting Fundamentals

You may have many questions about the basics of stamp collecting. Finding the right album and understanding the different terms and values are important tools to developing a productive hobby of ...
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A Look at the Formal Appraisals That We Offer

Appraisals are important when determining the value of an item or a collection of items. You may require a formal appraisal of a stamp or coin collection after a loved one has passed away or during a ...
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Exploring Types of Diamonds

Jewelers and gemologists have different classifications for certain diamonds. Natural, treated, manmade, and natural fancy color are the accepted terms that everyday consumers will likely hear when ...
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The Basics of Coin Collecting

There are many ways to collect coins, such as by country of origin or mint year. As seen in the video, two of the most popular ways to collect coins are by set and type. Using this information, ...
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How Are Stamps Valued?

Collectable stamps are valued in several different ways. Centering, condition, and cancellation status play a crucial role in a stamp’s grading and value. It is important to understand how ...
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See the Many Ways That Precious Metals Are Used

Precious metals have been used throughout the history of mankind as jewelry, currency, and religious icons. Today, precious metals are used in consumer electronics, dentistry, and automobile ...
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