How to Authenticate an Autograph

Benjamin West

One of the oldest and most respected hobbies throughout history has been the collection of autographs from notable figures in politics, sports, and entertainment.  However, as with anything of value, counterfeits exist. It is important that you get your autographs authenticated by an autograph dealer and keep the paperwork certifying their authenticity.

Before you pay for official autograph authentication services, it’s useful to know a few things about the signature you have and some of the methods that will be used to authenticate it.  The most obvious way to check your autograph is to compare it to another signature from the same person.  When doing this, be careful to use a signature from approximately the same time period as the one you have, as people change the way they sign over their lifetime.

Unfortunately, some autographs cannot be authenticated, particularly signatures that follow modern trends.  Unlike autographs of previous decades, modern signatures are generally less legible and less predictable.  An athlete may sign a baseball one way before the season’s opening game and a totally different way after the World Series.

When you have an autograph authenticated, keep in mind that while many of the techniques used to authenticate an autograph are scientific, in the end, the authenticity of the signature is determined by the expert who examined it.  Therefore, it is important to check the reputation of autograph dealer who will be authenticating your autograph.  Having multiple certificates of authenticity on a single signature never hurts, either.

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