The Truth Behind Sunken Treasure

sunken treasure

The ocean is not only a majestic body of water, but also a mysterious haven for forgotten treasures. Throughout history, numerous civilizations and cultures have relied on water transportation to help them discover new lands, trade with foreign countries, and learn more about the world. But the ocean isn’t always a safe place to be, resulting in shipwrecks—tragic for these ancient vessels’ crews, but fortunate for coin collectors and dealers.

  • After misfortune at sea, expeditions are organized to find any remnants of the ship, its people, and its story. Sometimes these expeditions happen soon after a wreck, while others don’t get underway until months, years, or even centuries after a ship goes down.
  • After finding a wrecked ship, crews work quickly and carefully to bring what they can up to the surface for further examination. This type of expedition serves a number of purposes. First, crews can identify the ship, where it came from, and when it first set sail. Expeditions also allow crews to determine what caused the wreck and learn more about the culture and story of the crew that was onboard.
  • During these expeditions, diving crews often find interesting and intriguing cargo throughout the ships. Valuable cargo is commonly found in shipwrecks, further promoting the belief that “sunken treasure” can be found deep in the ocean. This valuable cargo is typically in the form of silver coins, gold coins, or both.
  • The coins found in these ships may not be in circulation today, but this only adds to their value. Recently, a British steamship found at the bottom of the North Atlantic revealed a cargo of silver worth over $18 million! Coin buyers and sellers are some of the biggest fans of sunken treasure, always looking for the rarest or most valuable coin backed by an exciting story.

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