Rare Coins, Stamp Collections, and Paper Currency Collection Care

Stamps, rare coins, and paper currency won’t just take care of themselves—you have to make an effort to ensure that they remain in good condition throughout the decades.  Here are the basics of long-term care for these items:



Metal coins rub against each other, causing scratches and scuffs.  To prevent this from happening, store your less-valuable coins in cardboard holders and your rarest of coins in plastic cases. 

Background of old, canceled Postage Stamps. XXXL


As with coins, there are different grades of stamps: A rare stamp that’s never been used will be more valuable than a version that has been. Therefore, there are two different methods of storage.

  • Stamps that have been used can be mounted in albums with special stamp hinges; these are like tape, but will not damage your stamp further.
  • For stamps that have never been circulated, you should get an album with plastic sleeves. Remember to always handle your stamps using stamp collector’s tongs, because any other device (including your fingers) may spoil the stamp.

Paper Currency

Like unused stamps, paper currency should be stored within plastic—in particular, a special kind of plastic called Mylar. Mylar isn’t susceptible to heat and doesn’t contain PVC, a substance that will eventually render your paper money both oily and brittle. To prolong the life of your paper currency, touch it as infrequently as is feasible and make sure to keep it away from sunlight. The oils from your skin will degrade the money and the sunlight will bleach.


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