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Treasure box

The attic is often a place of dust, boxes, and hidden treasures. Amongst the old clothes and random clutter, you might find some surprising things secreted away, just waiting for you to find them.

1. Coins: You may have had a numismatist in your family history. Coin collecting is a popular pastime.  Even average coinage lying around from a few years ago can be worth a lot of contemporary money due to imperfections or special issues. Pay special attention to gold coins, and of course older coinage.

2. Stamps: One of your relatives may have been into an aspect of philately—the collection of stamps. If you find an old stamp collection gathering dust in your attic, then take it to your Rockville coin dealer for an appraisal. There may be a lot of mundane stamps on the pages, but you never know if there’s a gem just waiting to be discovered within.

3. Paper Money: Old paper currency from both the U.S. and other nations can carry a lot of weight regardless of the printed value. Coin dealers can let you know what paper money is worth, and if you’re lucky you may even net a very rare find.

4. Jewelry: Heirloom pieces are one thing, but sometimes that large stone on a thick chain your great-great-grandmother had isn't your taste. Precious metals dealers can appraise the value of these pieces.

5. Autographs: Was granddad a baseball fan? Did somebody in your family history meet a famous person and obtain their signature? Historic and famous autographs, signed musical relics, and many other items make great collectibles to take to your coin dealer.

Head over to your Rockville coin dealer with your finds, and you might be surprised at the value you hold in your hands. Coins of the Realm can appraise many collectible items, from athletic memorabilia to stamp collections. Our experienced coin dealers can assess the value of your goods, so stop by or call us at (301) 340-1640 to see what your findings are worth.


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