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Coin dealers in Rockville specialize in studying, collecting, and trading rare coins and other forms of money. Known as numismatics, this practice has existed for almost as long as the production of standardized currency, long before you could buy precious metals from specialized dealers.

  • The study and collection of currency may have gotten its start in Roman times during the rule of Caesar Augustus, who offered gifts of foreign coin during the ancient Roman festival that honored Saturn, youngest of the Titans.
  • In the Renaissance many people sought Petrarch, an Italian scholar, for help in identifying old coins. He may have been one of the first coin dealers, as he was also often approached by people wishing to sell them. Petrarch offered his own coin collection of Roman currency to Emperor Charles IV in 1355.
  • Many famous coin collectors happened to be royalty, like the Roman Emperor Ferdinand I, King Henry IV of France, and Pope Boniface VIII. Before it was called numismatics, coin collecting was known as “the hobby of kings.”
  • The American Numismatic Society was founded in 1858, dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals, and tokens of the past and present.
  • Numismatists today continue to collect coins and other forms of money from around the world and different periods of history. The very first collecting convention was held in 1962 by the ANA.


Coin collecting is a way to take a look into history and preserve the legacy of our current currency for future generations. Coin dealers, numismatists, and precious metals dealers in Rockville carry on this proud tradition.

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