Coins of the Realm: The 5 Most Valuable Stamps in U.S. History

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Many Americans are avid stamp collectors.  If you’re considering selling your stamps to a stamp and coin dealer in Rockville, then it might pay off to do some research ahead of time.  Below, we have listed the 5 most valuable US stamps in history.  Be sure to check your collection and, if you think you have one of these gems, then hurry down to your local stamp and coin dealer in Rockville and have them appraised. 

1.      Benjamin Franklin Z GrillThis stamp is one of the rarest US stamps out there.  Featuring Franklin and an embossed Z shaped, this stamp was issued in 1867 and there are only two known stamps left in existence. 

2.      Hawaiian Missionaries When the early missionaries of Hawaii sent letters home, they used these 2, 5, and 13 cent stamps.  Few have survived the passage of time due to the bad paper quality.  If you are lucky enough to find one, then expect around a large sum of cash from a good stamp and coin dealer. 

3.      The Inverted Jenny – Some of the most valuable stamps are actually those that feature a mistake.  Some of the 1918 Jenny stamps were misprinted with the stamps image of a plane printed upside down.  This stamp is worth a fortune. 

4.      Landing of ColumbusThe first two-color stamp seen in America depicted the landing of Columbus.  It was also the first set of stamps known to have been misprinted.  The blue image of Columbus was printed upside down while the red border is printed right side up. 

5.      1869 Shield, Eagle, and Flags – Another case of misprinting resulted in the highly valuable 1869 American shield stamp.  This misprinted stamp can be identified by the flags, which are inverted on either side of the eagle. 

Not only do coin dealers in Rockville buy stamps, but some also purchase gold, silver, diamonds, and other collectibles.  At Coins of the Realm, we have been helping customers sell their prized collections and valuable heirlooms for years.  We are a trusted local stamp and coin dealer in Rockville and we look forward to helping you with your stamp collection. 

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