The 4 Rarest Coins to Ever Enter Circulation in the United States

Many people dream of finding a rare coin, either to sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, or to keep and pass down to future generations. Though people hunt for and seek out these rare coins, other people unknowingly spend them because they don't know how rare and valuable they are. Let's take a look at some of the rarest coins to ever enter circulation in the United States:

  1. 1943 Copper penny. In 1943, copper was desperately needed for war efforts, so pennies had to be made from steel, and then plated to have the coppery color we all associate with pennies. A few copper pennies dated 1943 did make it into circulation because some copper coins were left in the machines and were stamped. About 40 of these coins are estimated to be in existence, but only 12 have been verified.
  2. 1955 Double die penny. This penny was struck twice due to misalignments. It is easy to see the doubling of the stamped imprint in the coin. They are rare, but not the rarest of coins.
  3. 1965 Silver dime. Like the penny of 1943, dimes were changed from silver to copper and nickel. However, a few dimes produced in 1965 were somehow forged from silver, making them very rare. Very few have been found, though more are believed to exist.
  4. 1933 Double Eagle. Though this particular coin never made it to circulation, it is considered to be the rarest, most valuable coin in the world, with one selling for more than $7 million in 2002. This coin is the last of the gold standard coins, and most were destroyed after the United States made the switch due to currency law changes. The few coins that escaped melting have had an exciting past, and their location remains a mystery for the most part.

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