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Many of us have old pieces of jewelry lying around that are tied to bad memories or we simply no longer care for.  Luckily for us, there are some trustworthy precious metal dealers here in Rockville that can help us appraise and sell these worn out tokens.  If you have a piece of jewelry with a diamond in it that you’re looking to sell, then you’re going to want to know how to price it. Here is a look at the “4 Cs” of diamond evaluation:

The 4 Cs

 1.      Cut – When a diamond is cut correct, it should truly shine.  The cut of the top, the depth of the cone-shaped bottom, and width of the diamond will all effect how it reflects light.  Any precious stone and metal dealer will tell you that the cut is the most important part of the diamond. 

 2.      Color – Next, the diamond dealer will examine the color.  Most diamonds are translucent or have a white hue.  A diamond’s color is placed on a scale that ranges from clearest (most expensive) to diamonds with a bit of a yellow hue (less expensive).  Colored diamonds, such as pink and blue diamonds are graded on a different scale and can be quite expensive due to their rarity.  

 3.      Clarity – A valuable diamond will look spotless and clean. Diamonds that have interior spots and cracks or exterior flaws, such as surface chips, will be less valuable. 

 4.      Carat – When most people take their old diamond jewelry to gold dealers in Rockville, they figure the dealer will determine the diamond’s value based on carats.  While the weight, or carat, of a diamond can make it much more valuable, the other 3 Cs also strongly affect the final price. 

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