Tips For Preparing Your Precious Metals For Sale

Detail of a golden Nugget

So, you have a bunch of gold just sitting around, just waiting to be sold.  You know where you will find a buyer and you are ready to liquidate this asset.  Well, before you go out and make that sale, here are a few tips on how to prepare your gold or other precious metals for sale to a dealer or collector.

 Know what you have

There is a difference between knowing you have gold and knowing you have 1.2 ounces of 24 karat gold.  The same holds true with copper, silver, and platinum.  Knowing the purity and weight of what you are selling can go a long way towards determining its value.

 Learn its value

The price of precious metals fluctuates daily as they are traded in the open market.  However, most dealers set their prices at the beginning of each morning, so they will not necessarily be using the most updated price.  The Internet is a great place to check prices on your precious metals; use it to find what similar items to yours are currently selling for.

Clean it

Cleaning your precious metals does not technically raise the value of it, but it does make it seem more appealing to a buyer, especially a collector.  Know how to properly clean your precious metals before you start, as improper cleaning can potentially ruin the metal.

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