Blog Posts in November, 2011

3 Popular Alternatives to Diamonds

Diamonds are typically featured as the star of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other classic jewelry, but this doesn’t mean they’re the perfect choice for every woman. If you’re ...
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Check Out These Resources For More On Diamonds & Valuable Paper Artifacts

If you want to learn more about how diamonds are evaluated and how to preserve papers for archival purposes, check out the links below. Contact Coins of the Realm in Rockville at (301) 340-1640 with ...
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The 4 C's of Diamond Evaluation

Diamonds and their value are generally judged by four major categories. To learn what these categories are and what they mean, ask your local coin dealer and consider this brief overview: Carat Carat ...
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3 Tips for Preserving Paper Collectibles

When it comes to preserving paper collectibles, your first instinct may be to frame them or stick them in plastic holders—but these measures might not be ideal for the integrity of the item. To ...
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Attention Autograph Collectors! Video on Authenticating Lincoln's Signatures

If you’re interested in autographs, you probably want to add a few presidential signatures to your collection. In this video, the speaker shows viewers different examples of Abraham ...
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