3 Tips for Preserving Paper Collectibles


When it comes to preserving paper collectibles, your first instinct may be to frame them or stick them in plastic holders—but these measures might not be ideal for the integrity of the item. To properly preserve your paper collectibles, follow these tips and consult your local coin dealer.

Beware of Acid
Many forms of paper and paper storage materials have a high acid content, which means they are much more susceptible to degrading over time. In order to preserve paper items that contain acid, it’s essential to neutralize and contain the acid. Don’t store paper with a high acid content near any other paper collectibles. Telegrams and newspapers both contain a lot of acid, so keep them separate.  Store these items using alkaline paper and mats, because alkaline materials neutralize acid.

Keep Items Flat
The best way to preserve paper is to store it so it remains flat. If you fold a piece of collectible paper, its value will greatly decrease due to these creases. Writing or text is also likely to wear away along folds. Keeping items flat will help keep their value high.

Prevent Light Exposure
It’s a well-known fact that light fades everything, from fabric to handwriting, so remember to keep your paper items away from light—especially natural sunlight. If you want to display an item, consider displaying a reproduction and keep the real item in storage, in the dark. By doing so, you will prevent light from fading the paper, rendering it worthless.

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