The 4 C's of Diamond Evaluation


Diamonds and their value are generally judged by four major categories. To learn what these categories are and what they mean, ask your local coin dealer and consider this brief overview:

  • Carat
    Carat is a measure of weight for diamonds. The more a diamond weighs, the more carats it’s said to have. All other aspects being equal, a diamond with more carats would be worth more than a diamond with fewer. One whole diamond with a certain carat measure would be worth more than many small diamonds weighed together to make up the same carat measure.
  • Color
    The most expensive diamonds are called white diamonds, but they’re actually colorless. The closer to clear a diamond is, the more it’s worth; the closer to yellow a diamond is, the less it’s worth. There are exceptions to this rule, especially when it comes to diamonds with rare colors like blue, but the rule generally holds true.
  • Clarity
    The fact that there are both clarity and color grades may seem strange, seeing as the ideal diamond’s color is “clear,” but clarity doesn’t actually refer to color. Instead, a diamond’s clarity is determined by how many imperfections are located within the stone. The fewer imperfections there are, and the less visible they are to the naked eye, the more valuable the stone will be. Jewelry-grade diamonds may contain imperfections, but you will not be able to see them without the aid of a magnifying device.
  • Cut
    A diamond’s cut is a description of its dimensions, such as height, width, and depth. It’s also a description of how regular the facets of the diamond are. The combination of all these qualities creates a diamond’s sparkle. Sparkling is largely a result of different parts of the diamond catching and reflecting light.

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