How Valuable is a President's Signature?


Just how valuable is a president’s signature? You probably wouldn't ever want to discard an autograph from an important or famous individual, but worth can vary greatly. Consider the following information and consult your coin dealer if you think you have a valuable item.

  • Timing
    The value of a presidential signature depends upon many factors, but one of the most important is timing. A document signed by President Obama is likely worth much more than a document signed by Senator Barack Obama, even though the President and the Senator are one in the same. That isn’t to say a pre-presidential signature would be worthless, but it likely wouldn’t fetch nearly as high a price as a presidential signature.
  • Popularity
    In general, collectors don’t want the signatures of individuals they dislike. The two most expensive modern presidential signatures are currently Ronald Reagan’s and John F. Kennedy’s. Reagan remains an extremely popular president within a certain segment of the population, and JFK has become a nationally revered figure. If a president has a devoted fan base, his signature is much more likely to carry high value.
  • Historical Significance
    The average citizen might not know who Chester A. Arthur, Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland, or Benjamin Harrison are. An autograph from one of the lesser-known presidents might be worth money, but likely not much. Instead, presidents who made a alrger impact on history have the most valuable autographs. Find a Lincoln, a Washington, a Jefferson, or one of the Roosevelts, and you could have a seriously valuable item to take to your authorized coin dealer. 

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