Don't Devalue Your Coins: Tips for Preserving Your Collection

throwing your money away

If you want to keep your coin collection in good condition, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Never, Ever Clean Your Coins: The temptation to clean your coin collection may be very strong.  After all, coins are passed through millions—or even billions—of hands before they get to you. They may look completely filthy.  But, any techniques used at home with common household utilities could scratch or damage them.  Virtually every coin shop owner has a horror story about a novice coin collector who greatly devalued a coin by attempting to clean it.  If you are really bothered by how dirty your coins are, contact a professional to do it for you.

  2. Use the Proper Storage Devices: Less valuable coins can be stored in cardboard holders, but if you have one that’s worth a good deal of money, you shouldn’t risk damaging it with a flimsy casing.  Expensive coins belong in specially-sized, airtight cases that will prevent them from being scratched.

  3.  Keep Your Coins Somewhere Safe: Coin collections aren’t as susceptible as stamp collections to things like humidity and light, but those are still factors to consider when choosing a storage location for your coins.  Silver tarnishes when exposed to the air, so keeping even lesser-value silver coins in an airtight plastic case is best.  In addition, although mold probably won’t grow directly on your coins, it can develop on your cardboard holders and cause damage.  Also, water can corrode metal. Never keep a coin collection in a humid room and try to avoid keeping coins in areas of the house that are prone to flooding, such as the basement or the attic.

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