Don't Discount the Importance of Documentation When it Comes to Collectibles or Memorabilia!

Coin Dealers Rockville - Documentation of Collectibles

When working with collectibles or memorabilia, it is very important for dealers to be meticulous. For many dealers, this just means taking good care of their collectibles and ensuring they don’t suffer any physical damage. Being truly meticulous, however, also requires proper documentation. Here are some reasons documentation is important when it comes to collectibles or memorabilia:

  • Recordkeeping
    Regardless of the nature or value of your collectibles, keeping track of your items can be quite difficult. Over time, the size of your collection will fluctuate. Meticulous documentation of your collectibles or memorabilia will ensure that you have a reliable record of your collection. Record keeping is particularly useful if your collection is large or if you have moved recently and want to confirm that your collection is intact.
  • Digitization
    Although it is important to take physical care of your collectibles or memorabilia, accidents can happen. For example, if you have a rare letter, an accidental spill or tear can significantly reduce the chance that an appraiser can make an accurate judgment of its value.  One way to prevent identification problems in the future is to digitize your collectibles by scanning them into a computer. Scanning your collectible letters or photos is a great way to maintain records that can be referred to later when a dealer is appraising the items.
  • Authenticity
    Documentation can also help you convince dealers of your collectibles’ authenticity. Keeping a detailed record of how you acquired an item can help establish a trail that can be referred to later. For example, by taking note of the collector from whom you acquired the items, in addition to any other information about the transaction, you will be able to more effectively demonstrate the authenticity of your collectibles.

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