Why Are U.S. Mint Error Coins So Valuable?

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U.S. Mint error coins weren’t always so valuable. Prior to the 1960s, for most coin-collecting circles, error coins were nothing more than mistakes. However, each generation of coin collectors has since gained more appreciation for the minting process, because error coins are unique among the millions of coins produced every day by the U.S. Mint.

When an error is spotted in any manufacturing process, the product containing the error is almost always rejected or destroyed. Modern coin minting is an extremely efficient and precise process, and each coining facility has devices to catch any defects. However, accidents happen, and, rarely, some Mint error coins make it into circulation.  

  • Planchet Errors
    Sometimes, a coin’s rim is raised higher than usual. This is known as a planchet error. A coin may be struck with the rim press of a smaller coin, causing the excess coin material to rise on the sides. Another example of a planchet error is when the coin material of a foreign country is struck with a US die.
  • Die Errors
    The die is what gives the coin its face. When there’s a crack or piece missing from the die, the result is a missing piece on the coin. Coins that are missing a face or other standard feature are considered collectible and valuable.
  • Striking Errors
    The most dramatic coin errors come from striking malfunctions. Striking is the action of a die hitting a coin and producing an image. Sometimes, a coin gets stuck in the striking chamber and gets hit with the same image twice, producing a very rare coin.

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