The 5 Most Valuable U.S. Coins

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In today’s tough economic times, many people have lost faith in U.S. currency. However, rare coins are an investment that actually pays off in the long run. Because there are a finite number of coins in good condition, the following rare coins are worth a fortune.

1804 Silver Dollar, Draped Bust 
This beauty, also known as the Bowed Liberty Dollar, is the most valuable U.S. coin, fetching $10 million dollars in good condition. There are 15 known specimens, which are divided into three classes. Though they are dated 1804, the first of these coins were not minted until 1834.

1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece 
Only ten of these coins were ever made, and only three are known to exist today. Like the 1804 Silver Dollar, they were produced in 1834. One 1804 ten dollar gold piece was purchased for $8.5 million dollars in 2005.

1861 Double Eagle 
It is believed that these coins were made while the New Orleans Mint was under the control of the Confederacy during the civil war. With an original mintage of 17,741, the 1861 double eagle is a rare coin in any condition. 213 of these coins are known to exist today.  

1913 Liberty Nickel 
This coin was produced in such limited supply that it has become one of the most coveted coins of all time by collectors around the world—and for good reason. If a 1913 Liberty nickel is ever found in perfect condition, it could be worth up to $20 million dollars.

1933 Double Eagle 
This $20 dollar gold coin has been purchased at auction for $7.59 million. While 445,500 of these coins were minted, they were never circulated and almost all were melted down, except two which were given by the mint to the U.S. National Numismatic Collection, and others which were stolen. 20 coins have been recovered so far.

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