A Guide to Deciding What Coins to Collect

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As a beginning coin collector, you might find the process of searching for and collecting the right coins a little confusing. So if you want to feel more confident and knowledgeable about coin collecting, check out this brief guide to how to organize and simplify your collection:

Focus on Denomination 
If you are trying to establish an interesting focus for your coin collection, consider putting together sets of denominations issued by the U.S. For example, you can begin by collecting five-cent coins that are currently in circulation, and then find five-cent coins minted in years past—maybe even the popular Buffalo nickel. Setting a theme like this gives your collection focus and an achievable goal. Once you meet this goal, you can then expand your focus to rarer or different coins, such as a three-cent piece.

Don’t Ignore the Date 
If you want to collect within a particular series of coin, consider collecting by date, which can be more affordable than other collecting methods. Because you will be looking for a coin that matches a specific date, you won’t have to spend a fortune for a certain coin; rather, you can just choose the least expensive coin that is marked with the date of your collection. 

Look for Mint Marks 
If you have a lenient budget and would like a collection that is more difficult to obtain, you might want to consider collecting every date and mint mark combination. For example, the U.S. currently has two mints, one in Philadelphia and one in Denver; coins made at these mints have the letters “P” and “D,” respectively. If you’re up to the challenge, you can even look for coins minted in San Francisco and West Point.

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