What Makes Diamonds So Valuable?

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Diamonds are given a large amount of cultural and monetary value throughout the modern world. The reasons behind a diamond’s value derive from its natural properties and historical significance. If you would like to determine your diamond jewelry’s value, consider the following factors, and visit a coin dealer for an appraisal.

Rarity and Strength
Diamonds are formed from carbon, a common material on Earth. Carbon located in the mantle of the Earth, which is about 100 miles below the surface, is placed under extreme heat and pressure. Under these intense conditions, the carbon forms into the tremendously strong crystalline structure of a diamond. Volcanic eruptions that begin particularly deep inside the Earth can carry diamonds to the surface at an extremely high speed, causing the diamonds to rapidly cool. This prevents the diamonds from turning into graphite, the form of carbon generally found on the Earth’s surface. The intense and precise conditions required to form diamonds make them both extremely strong and  rare.

The breathtaking appearance of diamonds also accounts for their value. The clarity of diamonds sets them apart from other minerals, but not all diamonds are equally clear and pure. The clarity and color of a diamond affect its monetary value.

Historical Significance
Diamonds were first considered valuable goods worth mining over 2,000 years ago in India. During the Middle Ages, European scholars believed that diamonds had properties beneficial to health. In the beginning of the Renaissance, diamonds were only set in elaborate pieces of jewelry for royalty. By the beginning of the modern era, the value of diamonds had eclipsed the value of the gold that they were frequently set in. Over the last few centuries, diamonds have grown in popularity and availability. Today, diamonds symbolize both love and wealth.

The value of diamonds is derived from the natural qualities of the gemstone, including strength and clarity, as well as the significant role that diamonds have played in the history of the modern world. At Coins of the Realm, we purchase and sell diamonds in a variety of shapes and sizes. To learn more about the value of diamonds, give us a call today at (301) 340-1640.

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