Your Quick Guide to Collectible Paper Money

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A paper money collection can actually be quite valuable—in fact, if you have a significant collection, you can take it into a coin dealer and receive a big payday! Keep reading for tips on collecting and maintaining paper money:

  • What Can Be Collected
    Any currency from around the world can be added to your collection. Whether you have small or large bills, they could be valuable. Confederate and colonial bills are also a great addition to any collection. If you have any doubt about certain money, add it to your grouping. A coin dealer can easily appraise any and all paper money so you know its true worth.
  • What Makes It Valuable
    Just like you would expect from a coin or stamp collection, rare and unique paper money is often the most valuable. U.S. paper money with double denomination, a printed fold, or ink smears, for example, could be worth much more than the value printed on the bill.
  • How to Care for Your Collection
    Since the bills are made of paper, it is important to keep dirty, oily skin away from the surface. If you are dealing with a really old note, you might want to wear gloves to avoid staining the paper. Keep your paper money collection in a special holder that will protect it from careless spills. If possible, avoid handling the money too often—otherwise, you could damage it and lower its value. Your gold coin dealer can tell you exactly how much your collection is worth.

Coins of the Realm can accurately appraise your paper money collection. Bring in your U.S. and world currencies so our experts can tell you their worth. We are also a gold and precious metal dealer. For more information on our Rockville services, visit us online or call (301) 340-1640.

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