Do You Know How Gold Prices Are Calculated?

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Whether it is in the form of jewelry or coins, the demand for gold among collectors and investors is high. This means that it’s also a great time to sell your gold. However, it is important to understand how gold is priced before you embark on a transaction. Here is an explanation of the basic factors that determine gold prices:

  • Commodities Market
    Gold, along with other precious metals, is traded internationally in financial centers across the world.  The market is determined by supply and demand. Whereas the supply is relatively constant, demand is constantly changing based on a variety of factors. For example, if there is a sudden increase in the demand for gold jewelry, the price of gold will increase. Similarly, if investors demonstrate an increased demand for gold, price will also increase. The relationship between supply and demand is reflected in the futures market, which also helps determine the spot price, or the price available for immediate transactions.
  • Appraisal 
    When you go to a store to trade, sell or buy gold, an expert first must appraise the material. Appraisal involves a careful review of your gold to make sure that it is of high quality. If your gold is in the form of an alloy or jewelry, for example, the appraiser will have to determine how much pure gold is actually present in the goods. Once the appraiser has determined the quality of the goods, he or she relies on the price as determined by the commodities market in order to give you an estimated value for your holdings.

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