Common Sterling Silver Items That Are Valuable to Sell or Collect

Fist Full of Dollars

With the price of silver remaining relatively consistent, there is a lot of money to be made by selling your sterling silver. You might have a collection of valuable sterling silver of which you are not even aware. Take the following items to your precious metal dealer to learn their true value:

  • Flatware
    Sterling silver flatware is always a great investment. Real sterling silver is 92.5% real silver mixed with other metals. Look on your flatware to see if you can find the word “sterling,” the number .925, or 925/1000 to ensure that it is real. If you have true sterling silver, it is a great investment that will not lose its value over time.
  • Hollowware
    This tableware can be worth a lot of money if it is true sterling. Since it is built to be a durable product, it can easily be passed down through generations. Precious metal dealers are usually interested in purchasing hollowware, which is why it’s such a great investment.
  • Ingots
    Although they need to be shaped into something else to be useful to a consumer, ingots are actually quite valuable to a precious metal and coin dealer. Bring your ingot collection in for an appraisal to learn it true value.
  • Medals
    The amount of silver used in a medal is significant enough to make a big impact on its overall value. Starting a collection of silver medals is a great way to reap the benefits of their value.

At Coins of the Realm, we have been working with coins and precious metals since 1974. As an authorized dealer, we are able to grade sterling silver, coins, and gold. Bring your sterling silver in today for an appraisal. To learn more about the products that we buy and sell in Rockville, visit us online or call (301) 340-1640.

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