Danger! Keep Moisture Away from Your Collectibles!

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The ancient Egyptians mummified the richest and most powerful figures of their society after death. The reason these mummies have stayed intact for so long is because of Egypt’s hot and dry climate and the application of natron, an ancient natural drying agent, during the mummification process.

The Egyptians knew the danger moisture posed to preserving what was valuable to their society—and so should you! Moisture can cause your collectable paper money, coins, and other valuables to develop mold and corrosive conditions, reducing the value of your collectibles considerably.

  • Fungal Growth
    Mold and mildew can stain and completely consume paper collectibles like books, paper money, and autographs. Mold grows when humidity in the atmosphere around your collectables reaches 60%. Another condition that’s brought on by moisture is a dormant fungus known as foxing. This fungus creates rust-colored spots on the paper. Store your valuables in a dry place to avoid these dangers.
  • Corrosion
    Coins and metals are more likely to deteriorate if stored in damp conditions. For example, if a collectable copper coin was buried in soil for a period of time, it may have absorbed salt from the soil. Any time moisture comes into contact with soil-salted coins, the chemical reaction encourages the corrosive process. However, you shouldn’t try to clean a valuable coin yourself. Instead, you should hire a professional. Improper cleaning can lower your coin’s value significantly.  
  • Bronze Disease
    You may have seen cooper-alloy-based coins with bronze disease, which is a corrosive condition that produces bright powdery green spots on the coin’s surface. Atmospheric moisture inflames this process. The good news is that coin collectors can stabilize this process by storing their collections in a dry area.

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