Tips for the Beginning Coin Collector

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Coin collecting is a profitable hobby that can bring a lot of enjoyment to your life. As you start collecting coins yourself, you should be aware of some basic information that will help you to be successful in this endeavor. We’ve put together some tips below that will guide you as you begin coin collecting. Read on and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert numismatist!

Caring for Coins
Coins can be easily damaged, so it’s crucial that you know how to properly handle them. When you pick up a coin, use your fingertips to grab it by the edges. This will help prevent the coin from corroding due to the oils in your skin. Also, if a coin looks dirty, avoid cleaning it yourself to prevent scratching the coin and lowering its value. Finally, whenever you take your coins out, make sure to place a towel on the surface you’re using—this way, a coin will have some padded protection if it is dropped.

Storing Coins
Another way to keep your coins in excellent condition is to store them properly. All coins should be placed in plastic holders or capsules, which will give the coins some extra protection from external elements. It’s also recommended that coins be stored in an area of the house that has comfortable temperatures and low humidity, since extremes in either of these conditions can damage coins and lower their value.

Knowing Coin Values
As your collection begins to grow, you will want to know how much each of your coins is worth. You can estimate the current value of a coin by determining factors such as rarity and market demand. This data can be usually found in a current coin guide. However, the best way to evaluate a coin’s value is to have a professional numismatist examine it.  

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