Why You Should Crack Open That Piggy Bank!

Pink Polka Dot Piggy Bank with Cash

What if thousands of dollars’ worth of gold and silver coins is sitting in your old piggy bank? Read below to find out how you may benefit from your old collection of precious metal coins!

1943 Copper Penny 
With roughly three dozen of these copper Lincoln cents believed to be in circulation, it is not surprising that one may be able to collect upwards of $100,000 for one. Check your piggy bank to see if you have one of these accidentally minted copper coins!

1965 Silver Dime 
Another accident at the U.S. Mint resulted in the manufacturing of several all-silver dimes. Typically worth more than $9,000 apiece, these dimes are distinguishable from standard copper-and-nickel dimes by their sheer silver edges.

2001 P-Double Struck New York Quarter 
One of the newest coins of great value, this quarter can yield up to $3,000. The coin is highly distinguishable as it was struck not once at the U.S. Mint, but twice.

Pre-1965 Coins 
Currently valued at slightly more than $31 an ounce, the silver in your pre-1965 coins is worth far more than the coins themselves. Coin collectors have all but taken these coins out of circulation, but nickels made around this time are still worth more than five cents each.

If you possess any of the coins described in this article, have them appraised by a coin and precious metals dealer. For an accurate and timely appraisal in the Rockville area, pay a visit to Coins of the Realm. For more information about our appraisal and dealing services, call (301) 340-1640 or visit our website today!

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