Understanding the Basics of Gold Care

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A collectible coin’s value has a lot to do with its condition. Essentially, the better condition that a rare or collectible coin is in, the more valuable it will be during appraisal or auction. To keep your coins in their best shape, make sure you treat them with care. Here are some tips for gold coin maintenance that will help preserve the value of your rare and collectible gold coins

Wash Your Hands 
Oils, acids, and dirt from your hands can damage coins and create permanent wear, which may not be apparent for years. For very old, valuable coins, you should wear soft, clean gloves whenever handling them.

Hold Your Coins Properly 
You can avoid damaging the surface of a gold coin by holding it by its edges. Grip the edge with your thumb and forefinger to avoid dropping the coin. While this technique is not always necessary, it is a good habit to get into to avoid contaminating or damaging coin surfaces.

Avoid Hard Surfaces 
Handle your gold coins gently. Be careful when removing them from their holders, and only set them on surfaces that are clean and soft. A velvet pad is ideal, but cloth or paper should do the trick.

Do Not Clean Without Speaking to a Professional 
Cleaning gold coins can be tricky, and should be left to a professional. If performed by an untrained person, cleaning can leave scratches and spots on gold. Some natural tarnish may actually add value to an old coin. Make sure you speak to a coin dealer or other expert before attempting to clean your coins.

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