A Guide to Your Coin Appraisal

Coin Appraisals

For the avid coin collector, a professional appraisal by an experienced coin dealer offers numerous advantages. Not only does the appraisal reveal a bit more about the value of a given coin, but it also aids the collector in the process of insuring his or her coins. Here is a guide to having your coins appraised:

Do Your Homework Before the Appraisal
Before booking an appraisal time with your gold and coin dealer, research the coins you own. While you likely read up on most of your coins before purchasing them, it’s always good to refresh your memory when it comes to the time period and place that each coin was minted. The more you know about your collection, the better prepared you will be to discuss value with the appraiser.

Choose a Reliable, Knowledgeable Dealer
One of the most important factors to consider when preparing for a coin appraisal is the integrity of your coin dealer. A good way to ensure that you’ll be working with an appraiser who is both trustworthy and knowledgeable is to speak with friends and read reviews online. The most professional coin dealers will provide you with customer recommendations and proof of their credentials.

Prepare Your Coins in Advance for Speedier Results
In order to ensure a quick and efficient appraisal, sort your coins before visiting your coin dealer. Create two or three separate groups based on the quality of your coins. For example, coins that are tarnished, bent, or stained by fingerprints shouldn’t be placed together with your highly prized, mint-condition coins, as they will surely be worth different values.

For reliable and accurate appraisals that you can count on, turn to Coins of the Realm in Gaithersburg. Once you’ve had your coins appraised, you can also discuss selling them to us or buying more coins to enhance your collection. To learn more about the services we offer, visit us online or call (301) 637-6220.

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