A Look at the Most Popular Gemstones


From bold red to sparkling blue, natural gemstones represent nearly every color in the rainbow. As your coin dealer will share with you, color is just one of the characteristics that draws in buyers and determines a stone’s value. Here is a look at the most popular gemstones:


Turquoise, which has been used by Native American tribes living in the Southwest for thousands of years, has become a highly coveted gemstone thanks to its unique color. Turquoise gets its pale blue shade from copper and aluminum phosphate. Since heat, sun exposure, and acid can cause turquoise to change color, you should take certain precautions when wearing your turquoise jewelry.

Blue Topaz

Another popular blue gemstone is blue topaz. This gemstone comes in four distinct shades of blue: sky, London, maxi, and Swiss. Some ancient cultures believed that this stone had the power to chase away sadness, protect wearers from death, and even cure insanity.


Like blue topaz, amethyst has also garnered a reputation for aiding those who wear it. This beautiful stone is a member of the quartz family, and was at one time as valuable as diamonds. Amethyst maintains a solid reputation as one of the most regal and elegant gemstones thanks to its frequent use by royal families.


Garnet has become a popular gemstone not only because it is the birthstone for January, but also because it comes in a variety of stunning shades. The most common color is a reddish brown hue. Garnet symbolizes compassion, fidelity, and faith.

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