Exploring the Process for Buying and Appraising Jewelry

Whether you're in the market for a diamond ring or a designer watch, it's important that you know how to get the most bang for your buck when buying jewelry from a jewelry and coin dealer. Understanding the steps involved in purchasing estate jewelry or newly manufactured jewelry could help you ensure an honest and secure transaction. Explore the process for buying and appraising jewelry:

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Do Your Homework

The first step that you should take is to research your options. Take a look on the Internet at the various styles of jewelry or the particular gemstones that interest you so that you can establish a basic price point. You can also use the Web as a convenient means of browsing through local coin and jewelry dealers.

Carefully Inspect Items of Interest

After you have determined what type of jewelry you want to buy and how much you should expect to spend, visit a coin dealer and precious gemstones dealer with a solid reputation. Carefully inspect each of the jewelry items that pique your interest and ask questions. A responsible jewelry dealer will provide you with information that identifies an item's origins and analyzes its overall quality.

Have Appraisals Performed for Insurance Purposes

Once you have purchased an item from your coin and diamond dealer, you can have it appraised so that the item can be insured. The dealer should have pertinent information on hand, such as certificates, receipts, and laboratory reports, to help a professional evaluate the jewelry and appraise it accurately.

If you have questions about the process of buying or appraising a piece of jewelry, visit Coins of the Realm in Gaithersburg. Our friendly staff can help you learn about buying or even selling jewelry items as well as other valuables, such as precious metals and coins. To learn more about our services and products, call us at (301) 637-6220.

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