An Essential Glossary of Terms for the Coin Collector

Collecting coins is a fun hobby that can be rewarding in a variety of ways. If you plan to start a coin collection, it is a good idea to learn some important terms before visiting a coin dealer. Take a look at this essential glossary of terms to get an understanding of the basics:

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American Numismatic Association

As a coin collector, you will likely look to the American Numismatic Association for guidance. This nonprofit organization works to educate the public about the history of money as well as the many rewards of collecting coins and other forms of currency. The American Numismatic Association provides many different resources to educate and help collectors.


This term refers to a pure form of a precious metal. Popular metals used for bullion include gold, copper, platinum, and silver. Bullion can be found in many different forms, such as bars, ingots, or coins. All types of bullion are commonly used among collectors, but coins are often viewed as some of the most popular forms of bullion to collect.


It is important to know how a coin’s value is determined in order to get the best deals and add the highest-quality pieces to your collection. Coins are subjected to regular wear and tear from being handled in circulation. The more worn a coin is, the lower its value becomes. Grades offer ratings that determine the wear of a collectable coin.


Coins that are related are said to be part of a series. This term typically refers to collections that feature all of the different mint marks and date marks of a certain type of coin, identified by its denomination and its design. Many collectors focus on collecting each coin in a series when creating their collections.

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