Questions to Ask When Selling Your Gold


Gold-buying through mail and in person is an increasingly popular business, but many gold buyers, especially those who operate through mail, are often uncertified and may not match the value of your jewelry. Ask these questions to find a legitimate, knowledgeable gold dealer when you’re looking to sell your unwanted jewelry.

What will I be paid for my gold? 
If you have had the items appraised already, make sure the value offered is not substantially lower. You should also ensure that the buyer is aware of the current market price of gold, which changes regularly. Before each transaction, the buyer should check the current price using live, online precious metal quotes. Because the gold market is always changing and fast moving, you don’t want estimates or second-guesses. Your gold’s value will likely be quoted per gram or troy ounce.

How do you account for gems and diamonds? 
Some gold buyers will automatically deduct the weight of the stones from the value of the gold. Other buyers will remove diamonds from the jewelry and value those independently as well. An experienced dealer should be able to evaluate diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Can you tell me more about your background with jewelry and your business history? 
A gold and jewelry dealer that has been in business for several decades is sure to have the necessary experience and qualifications to satisfy its customers. The business should also be a licensed, authorized dealer. Don’t be afraid to research gold buyers through the BBB or check out online customer reviews before visiting locations in person.  

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