3 Factors to Consider Before Selling Gold or Jewelry

The value of gold, diamonds, and other precious jewelry has skyrocketed in recent years. This is largely due to the economy crashing—people turn to precious metals and stones during hard economic times. That means the market is right for selling gold and diamond jewelry. If you are considering putting your gold items up for sale, keep in mind the following:

weighing gold

The Value of Your Gold
Just because you believe something to be valuable does not make it so. The best way to be sure of the value of your coins or jewelry is to have a professional appraisal. You can also take your pieces to several reputable coin dealers or jewelers to get a ballpark estimate of the value.

The Reputation of the Buyer
If you want money for your jewelry immediately, taking items to a coin dealer that specializes in buying gold and jewelry is your best option. They can give you a fair price and cash for your items right away. You also may be considering selling privately. The problem with this option, though, is that you may have to wait a much longer time to make a sale. Moreover, selling jewelry privately can be a hassle, as you don’t know the reputation of the private buyer.

The Sentimental Value of Your Items
Sometimes, circumstances force you to take actions that you’d prefer not to have to take. If a piece of jewelry has extreme sentimental value for you, you are not likely to be happy with any offer you receive. You must be emotionally ready to part with the pieces before you offer them up for sale.

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