3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Silver

Silver Coin Bullion

Whether you have silver jewelry, coins, or dining sets, you will need to periodically polish and clean these items in order to keep them vibrant and beautiful. Unlike gold, silver will tarnish and dull over time. In order to keep your silver coins and collectibles looking their best, follow these tips:

Store Silver Properly

Silver coins, silverware, and jewelry can all be stored in specially designed cloth bags. These bags contain fragments of silver that help to retard the tarnishing process. Larger pieces of silver, such as a tea service, are somewhat more challenging to store. At the very least, try to keep them away from humidity and dust.

Remove Tarnish Regularly

You can tell when silver needs cleaning and polishing by its hue. Silver that is beginning to tarnish will appear yellowed. At this stage, polishing is easy. When silver tarnishes to the point of blackening and severe discoloration, you may need to have the finish professionally redone. Maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive, but silver repair can be quite costly. That’s why it’s worth a few minutes of your time several times per year to keep your silver looking new.

Clean Items Correctly

Most silver should be cleaned with hot, soapy water, and then polished with a high-quality cream. Unless your silver has intricate detailing or inaccessible areas, avoid using silver dips, as they can leave unattractive residue. Work quickly but gently, and be sure to wash again with soapy water when you are finished polishing. Always use soft, non-abrasive cloths, and never put silver away unless it is completely dry. Silver coins and heirlooms can last for generations when properly maintained.

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