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If you have recently conducted a spring cleaning session at your home and are left wondering what to do with some of your unwanted items, you may want to consider bringing them in to Coins of the Realm. In addition to serving as Gaithersburg's most trusted coin dealer, we also purchase a number of valuable items that are not coin-related. Here is a look at some of the products we buy on a regular basis:

Fine Jewelry
From diamonds to pearls, Coins of the Realm is always looking for fine jewelry that features beautiful stones and precious metals. Unlike some businesses that may try to swindle you by offering unfair sales prices, our skilled staff is trained to offer fair and competitive pricing so that you get the value you deserve.

Precious Metals
Your trusted coin dealer is also your trusted precious metals dealer. We buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a variety of forms. If you have silverware that is collecting dust in a curio cabinet or gold medals that have lost their significance, do yourself and your wallet a favor by bringing them into Coins of the Realm.

Coins and Stamps
When it comes to coins, we purchase products from the United States as well as other countries. Although we specialize in the buying and selling of gold coins, we encourage all of our sellers to share their silver coins or mint sets with us to discover what sort of value they hold. While bringing in your coin collection, don't forget to bring in your stamps, as we are also skilled in evaluating and purchasing stamps from around the world.

Countless satisfied customers have added quick money to their wallets after selling items here at Coins of the Realm. We have a combined 30 years of experience in purchasing all of the above items. To learn more about selling to us, call (301) 637-6220.

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