A Look at the Different Types of Pearls

Pearls background

Pearls are some of the most quintessential representations of elegance and femininity. Here at Coins of the Realm, we have over three decades of experience in buying and selling these natural gemstones, and we are familiar with the various colors and styles in which they can be found.

Cultured Pearls
One of the biggest distinctions between various pearl types is their origin. Cultured pearls take form when a technician inserts a piece of tissue into a mollusk to facilitate the growth of a pearl. Natural pearls, on the other hand, are harvested from nature in areas such as the Persian Gulf. Due to their rarity, natural pearls are incredibly valuable.

Saltwater Pearls
Another distinguishing feature of pearls is their origins in either saltwater or freshwater. Some of the most famous pearl designers come from Japan, which is home to Akoya cultured pearls. These pearls are round in shape and white in color. Saltwater pearls grow throughout the South Pacific region, including the black pearls found in French Polynesia.

Freshwater Pearls
Unlike saltwater pearls, freshwater varieties are grown in lakes and rivers and do not contain a structural nucleus. Most freshwater pearls come from China, where they can be found in an array of beautiful pastel colors like soft pink and purple. This makes them an excellent choice for earrings and rings, both of which can be found at your coin and jewelry dealer.

If you're curious about pearls and would like to learn more about spotting a truly valuable style, visit Coins of the Realm. As a Gaithersburg coin dealer and jewelry buyer, we carry a large selection of jewelry that contains pearls as well as other eye-catching gemstones. Find out more about the products we buy and sell by visiting us online or giving us a call at (301) 637-6220.

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