The Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Sold

Gemstones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These gorgeous and natural creations offer incomparable beauty that is perfect for many different types of jewelry. If you have purchased gemstone jewelry in the past, you may know what types of factors come in to play when determining a gemstone’s value. Check out some of the world’s most valuable gemstones before making your next purchase:

Colorful diamonds collection

The Portuguese Diamond

This stunning 127 carat diamond was discovered in a South African mine in the year 1910. The Portuguese Diamond holds the record for being the largest faceted diamond that can be found in the National Gem Collection. This valuable gemstone has had very few owners, including Harry Winston who took ownership in 1951 before trading the diamond to the Smithsonian for 2,400 carats worth of smaller gemstones.

The Beau Sancy Diamond

This gorgeous diamond was passed between members of European royalty for approximately 400 years. The Beau Sancy Diamond was placed into the coronation crown for Marie de Medicis of France before making its way to Prussia, England, and the Dutch Republic. This gemstone has a carat weight of 34.98 and was recently purchased for $9.7 million during a 2012 Sotheby’s auction.

The Sun-Drop Diamond

Signs of color can lower the value of standard diamonds, but fancy-colored diamonds often have a higher value than colorless stones. The Sun-Drop Diamond weighs 110.3 carats and is known as the largest yellow diamond in the world. This pear-shaped gemstone was found in South Africa in 2010 and was sold for $10.65 million the following year.

The Graff Pink Diamond

Nothing compares to the amazing Graff Pink Diamond. This breathtaking gemstone was purchased by the famous Harry Winston approximately 60 years ago. The Graff Pink Diamond remained out of public view until 2010, when it was purchased for an unbelievable $45 million.

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