The Most Valuable Sports Autographs

Sports fans have been collecting famous athletes’ autographs for years. Some people collect the autographs of their favorite athletes to proudly display and pass on for generations. Others collect them to make a profit, as sports autographs can be quite valuable. Like most collectibles, autographs vary in value. Value depends on the item that is signed, the athlete who signed it, and how rare the autograph is. Here is a list of the most valuable sports autographs.

Babe Ruth Stamp

Mickey Mantle

Mantle is a legendary baseball player whose autograph is highly sought after. Unlike many other star athletes, Mantle didn’t sign many autographs, adding to the value of any he did. He died in 1995, which increased his autograph’s value. Later in his life, he signed more autographs, but he changed the style of his signature. Finding an original is difficult. An autographed Mantle bat is worth nearly $10,000.

Joe DiMaggio

Baseball legend DiMaggio signs his autograph frequently, but because he is so popular, his signature is a hot item for collectors. A baseball signed by DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe sold at an auction for nearly $200,000.

Muhammad Ali

Ali signed many autographs, but the majority of them were after he changed his name. An autograph signed during the days he went by Cassius Clay is worth a fortune. Clay autographs are the rarest around. Because Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he is unable to supply many more autographs, adding to the value of those out there.

Babe Ruth

Ruth played baseball for a long time, and he signed many autographs. Even though there are many of his autographs out there, they are quite valuable because of his status as one of the most popular athletes in history. An autographed Babe Ruth baseball is worth roughly $50,000.

Lou Gehrig

This autograph might be one of the rarest of them all. Gehrig was a baseball legend, and he didn’t sign autographs nearly as much as Babe Ruth did. An autographed baseball can sell for more than $60,000.

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