How to Get Started Collecting Coins

Coin collecting can be a lot of fun, and it can also be profitable. Your collection can begin with the coins found in your pocket change, or you can build your collection with classic coins bought from dealers. Whatever you choose, here are a few tips for getting started with your coin collection.

Australian Proof Coin Collection

Get Organized

If you are choosing to start your collection with coins you might already have, there are a few places you should check. Empty your wallet, pockets, desk drawers, and check under your couch cushions. Ask family and friends if they have any old or unique coins to contribute. Once you have a few coins to work with, display and organize them in a coin album. You can find albums that are custom-made for specific coins, or albums that hold all values of coins. Other options for coin storage and display include plastic tubes, envelopes, slabs, and cardboard holders.

Learn the Lingo

There is a specific language involved in coin collecting. Once you become a collector, it’s important to become familiar with it. Collectors use special terms to describe the condition and value of a coin. There are also terms for the various features of a coin. For example, a mint mark is the small letter or symbol on a coin that is used to identify where it was made. A relief is the raised part of a coin’s design. Other useful terms include: obverse, reverse, edge, legend, relief, and field. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help you communicate with other coin collectors.

Acquire the Necessary Tools

There are several basic tools you’ll need to help you organize and maintain your collection. Acquire a high-quality magnifying glass that will allow you to examine your coins’ tiny details. You will also need a soft cloth to set the coins on while you are viewing them. Find a plastic ruler that will allow you to measure your coins—metal rulers might scratch them. Use a lamp that has good lighting for viewing your collection, and wear a pair of soft cotton gloves while handling coins.

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