What Are Your Baseball Cards Worth?

Did you know that a mint-condition baseball card made before 1970 could be worth hundreds of dollars? Depending on the condition of your baseball cards, you may be able to make a great deal of money selling part or all of your collection. Read below to get a sense of what your baseball cards are worth.

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In general, Hall of Fame players are more sought after and can command a higher price. But it’s not unheard of for a baseball card with a lesser-known player to be worth thousands of dollars, if it is rare. Many baseball card collectors who are aiming to complete their set or find all of the cards in a certain edition or year will pay handsomely for a forgotten player.

Baseball cards made before 1970 are usually very hard to find. Also known as vintage cards, these baseball cards are almost always more valuable than cards made more recently. This is because baseball card production increased notably after 1970, and cards made after that year are much easier to find. To become well versed in the up-to-the-minute rarity of your baseball cards, browse auction sites online, such as eBay, Lelands, and Heritage Auction Galleries. For the best estimate, however, go to a local hobby store to have your baseball cards appraised by a specialist.

Most of the value estimates you will find online are based off of mint-condition baseball cards. A crease or small tear, however, can cut the value of a rare baseball card significantly. For an indication of the condition of your baseball cards, have them professionally graded at your local hobby store.

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