A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Stamp Collection

An age-old pastime for Gaithersburg hobbyists, maintaining a stamp collection can be exciting and rewarding. If you know that you want to collect stamps but are not sure where to start, follow the steps outlined below.

Stamp collection

Invest in the Right Equipment
In order to tell real stamps from look-alike stamps and take great care of your collection, you should have a few tools on hand. Perforation gauges and watermark detectors can help you avoid purchasing counterfeit stamps. Steel tongs will help you with handling when soaking stamps. You will also want stamp albums and, if your collection garners enough value, a safe.

Know What to Collect
From collector series domestic stamps to vintage international airmail stickers, there is a wide range of stamps you can choose to collect. You do not necessarily have to pick just one type of stamp, but honing in on those that interest you or are of great value may make searching for stamps and organizing your stamp collection easier to manage.

Join a Collectors’ Club
A great way to start a stamp collection is to visit a reputable dealer for your first stack or two. To expand your access to stamps of all varieties and keep up with how the value of various stamps changes over time, subscribe to a stamp collection magazine or join a stamp collectors’ club.

Care about the Condition
If you want your stamp collection to have great monetary value, the condition of the stamps you collect cannot be overemphasized. Only purchase stamps that are crisp, centered, and otherwise in excellent condition, unless you see a stamp you love and do not intend to sell at any point in the future. To keep “superb” condition stamps in excellent condition, take care when handling your stamp collection.

If you have money budgeted for getting your stamp collection off the ground, visit Coins of the realm to purchase an impressive first batch of stamps for your collection. A reputable gold and coin dealer, we have an excellent selection of superb-condition stamps for you to choose from. To learn more about the stamps in our inventory or our gold and coin dealing services, call (301) 340-1640 or visit our stamp store in Gaithersburg. 

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