What Tools are Required for Stamp Collecting?

Postage Stamp Collection

Although no tools are technically required for stamp collecting, there are certain tools that can help you get more enjoyment (and even more value) out of the “Hobby of the Kings.” Whether you’ve inherited a collection or are looking to purchase the very first stamp, the following tools may prove useful in organizing, identifying, and handling your stamps.

Stamp Tongs
You’ll want to handle your stamps as little as possible. No matter how well you wash your hands, oil from your skin will damage your stamps. Stamp tongs have a smooth gripping surface designed for the safe handling of stamps.

Magnifying Glass
Oftentimes it’s the smallest differences that can have the biggest impact on the value of a stamp. Considering the diminutive size of stamps, a magnifying glass is a great tool that can help you see tiny details clearly and without distortion.

Album Book
A stamp album can help protect your collection. You can buy stamp albums from your local stamp dealer, or even use a photo album with acid-free paper. Don’t use tape or glue, as you will only decrease the stamp’s value. Instead, use hinges to properly mount your staples. Hinges are thin, folded pieces of translucent paper or plastic with special gum on one side

Stamp Catalog
Stamp catalogs can help you learn more about the stamps in your collection. You can also use a catalog to see what other stamps you’d like to add to your collection. These catalogs provide such helpful information as the date when the stamp was issued, why it was issued, how it was printed, and the value of the stamp in used and unused condition.

To learn more about these and other stamp collecting tools, contact Coins of the Realm in Rockville, MD. Our experts can also evaluate your collection and give you a true value of your holdings. We have been in the business of buying and selling stamps in Gaithersburg for several decades, which allows for accurate evaluations and pricing. If you have questions, please call us at (301) 340-1640 to speak with our stamp and coin dealers. 

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