How to Start an Autograph Collection

Everyone has idols, or at least musicians, writers, athletes, actors, or politicians whose work they admire and appreciate. If you are looking to start an autograph collection as a hobby interest or as a means of storing value that is likely to appreciate as time goes by, here are some tips to help you get started.

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Learn the Ropes
If you want your autograph collection to be valuable, you need to be able to distinguish between authentic and fabricated autographs. Since autographs do not have serial numbers or any other features that make their authentication easy to check, this may take some research and effort on your part. You also need to be able to know how to store autographs in a way that preserves them. A vintage Babe Ruth autograph will always be worth something, but its value will decrease if water or oils damage it.

Visit Reputable Dealers
Many gold and coin dealers buy and sell autographs, and a dealer with a sterling reputation and great reviews is almost certain to run every possible check on an autograph’s authenticity before buying and reselling it. When you buy an autograph online, it can be difficult to verify its authenticity or even ensure that the autograph is not a photocopy.

Keep an Eye Out for Opportune Events
Book signings, public appearances, community events featuring famous athletes, and political speeches are all opportunities to attempt to get an autograph. If you do not have the money to kick-start your autograph collection through auctions and purchases, be on the lookout for free opportunities to attempt to get high-profile celebrity autographs.

If your collection seems slow to grow in size or worth, remember that everyone has to start out somewhere and that many collectors have been at it for decades. If you live in or near Gaithersburg, Coins of the Realm is a great place to look for highly sought-after genuine autographs. To find out what autographs we have in our inventory at present, call (301) 340-1640 or visit us at your convenience.

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