Determining the Value of Rare Stamps

A number of factors that determine the value of a stamp can be discovered simply by taking a closer look at it. But it’s also easy to overlook small details that can have a huge impact on the value of a rare stamp. For more information about how you can find out how much your mint stamp is worth, read on.

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Inspect the Stamp
Mint-condition stamps made in the last 70 years are usually worth less than face value, which is why people will often buy them and use them to send a package. Moreover, used stamps made during the last 70 years are worth almost nothing. If you have a stamp that is more than 70 years old, look closely for faults. Any thins, tears, or creases will drastically reduce the value of a rare stamp, sometimes by up to 90 percent.

Consider the Type of Collection
If a stamp has already been applied to an envelope or if it has been sitting in a shoebox with other stamps, it is likely to be worth less than if it were unused and properly sealed. Stamp albums, if they are sparsely filled, are usually worth very little. The same is true of stamp albums for children and beginning stamp collectors. In many cases, stamp collectors will sell albums full of mint-condition postage stamps with the original gum for less than their face value.

Compare to Similar Stamps
Go online and search for the type of stamp you have to get an idea of its value. Check eBay’s completed listings to see what a similar stamp—one in the same condition and with comparable centering—was sold for. Another good resource is the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog, which is considered an industry standard for stamp pricing.

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