Tips for Handling Your Coin Collection

Caring for your coin collection is just as important (if not more so) than choosing which coins to make part of your collection in the first place. If you want to retain the value of your rare coins, you need to know how to properly clean, protect, display, and handle your coin collection. It doesn’t matter whether you collect rare U.S. coins or ancient gold doubloons, the following tips will help you keep your coin collection in top-notch condition.  

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Keep Your Hands Off
When the urge strikes to take out your coins and show them off to friends or family, never touch any of coins with your bare hands. Oils from your hands can ruin a coin’s surface over time, which can significantly reduce the value of your entire coin collection. Latex gloves will help keep dirt and oil off of the coins while handling them. If you ever must handle coins without gloves, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your hands before doing so.  

Avoid the Urge to Clean
Depending on the condition of the coins when you bought them and how well you store them, they may accumulate some dust and grime. Although you probably want to scrub your coins until they shine like they were new, avoid cleaning or altering your coins in any way until they have been evaluated by a professional coin appraiser. Improper cleaning can damage the coins, and some coins are even more valuable discolored than they are clean.

Store Your Coins Properly
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