Looking Back at Famous U.S. Coins

Fame has come in all shapes and sizes in the United States, from celebrities to toys and beyond. The coin world has been no exception, with some rare and unique coins garnering huge followings and an almost celebrity-like fame. Read on if you are interested in looking back at some of the most famous United States coins. 

Old U.S silver dollar

1792 Copper Cent
Almost every penny that you may come across is simply worth one cent. If you come across a 1792 copper cent, however, you may become a millionaire. In 2012, one of these centuries-old pennies was sold for $1.15 million. That’s because the 1792 copper cent features a small silver plug in its center. The penny that sold for over one million dollars was in mint condition and rated at 61 out of a possible 70.

1804 Silver Dollar
Despite being called 1804 silver dollars, these coins were created in the 1830s. They are famous for being sent to other countries by President Andrew Jackson as gifts. The best preserved 1804 silver dollar was rated a 68 out of 70 and sold for $4.14 million. A 62-proof 1804 silver dollar was also sold for just under $3.8 million dollars as well.

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar
Although the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar was originally worth $1, one was sold in California for an amazing $7.85 million. Its condition was rated 66 out of 70, which classified it as mint. The Flowing Hair dollar is believed to be the first silver dollar created in the United States. If not the most famous coin in the history of America, it has proven to be the most valuable.

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