A Look at Some Common Coins with High Value

When you are searching for collectable coins in Rockville, MD, there may be some treasures hidden in your very own pockets. Certain common coins are more valuable due to their provenance or history. By including both rare and common coins in your collection, you will have a coin collection that spans many different eras and interests. To help you locate some great coins for your collection, here is a look at some common coins with high values.

2004 Wisconsin State Quarter

The 2004 Wisconsin state quarter was issued as a part of the 50 States Quarters series. While each of the quarters in this series has its own special value, there are a few 2004 Wisconsin quarters that are highly sought after by collectors. Due to a printing error, some of the Wisconsin quarters were made with an extra corn leaf on the state design side of the quarter, causing these coins to be valued at up to $300.

1995 Double Die Penny

It is a good idea to think twice before you toss your pennies in the penny jar. In 1995, the U.S. Mint accidentally double printed a run of pennies. Due to this printing mistake, these pennies feature blurry printing on their obverse sides. A double printed penny from 1995 could fetch up to $50.

1943 Steel Penny

The 1943 steel penny is an important historical reminder of World War II. During this year of the war, pennies were printed on steel to conserve military resources. A steel penny from this era could fetch up to $10.

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