Top Tips for Caring for Your Stamps

Collectible stamps can be a great investment, as their value can appreciate over time. However, to ensure that your investment increases in value, you must take good care of your stamps. Rare stamps that are in good condition or excellent condition are worth a lot more money than stamps that are torn, discolored, or otherwise damaged. Keep reading for some great tips for caring for your rare stamps.

Protect Your Stamps from Environmental Factors

There are a number of environmental elements that adversely affect stamps. Stamps must be protected from humidity, sunlight, artificial light, heat, and mold. Don’t ever photocopy or scan stamps, as the light and heat emitted from scanners and photocopiers may cause deterioration. Dehumidifiers, calcium chloride crystals, silica gel, and activated alumina can be used to remove moisture from the storage area where your stamps are housed.

Keep These Items Away from Stamps

Tape should never be used when storing or presenting stamps. Stamps should never be stored on or near cardboard, as it is very acidic; the chemicals present in cardboard can transfer to stamps very quickly, and will deteriorate and destroy them. You should also ensure that certain items are not stored with or near your stamps, or used in your stamp albums; these items include rubber cement, ballpoint pens, paperclips, staples, rubber bands, masking tape, and adhesive labels.

Clean Collectible Stamps Correctly

Collectible stamps can be cleaned using two methods: wet cleaning and dry cleaning. One of the easiest ways to clean stamps is to use a pencil eraser and a brush. The best pencil eraser for this purpose is a Faber-Castell Magic-Rub. Chemical baths can be used to eradicate the growth of mildew on stamps, and submersing a stamp in boiling water can remove grease and oil stains.

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