Understanding Diamond Carats

A big, shiny diamond is enough to make for a bright New Year, but clarity and width aren’t the most important measures of a stone’s worth. When you are assessing the value of your jewelry near Rockville, Md., start with a review of basic characteristics. Carat is a term that describes the weight of a stone, and a diamond with a greater carat weight is more valuable. The value of one carat has varied through the years, but the international standard set in 1913 is 200 milligrams. While that equals ⅕ of a gram, many times jewelers list carats in ¼ increments.

Pieces with multiple diamonds are categorized by total carat weight, denoted by a TW. This number is derived by adding the weight of each diamond together. Because large, heavy stones are so rare, price increases dramatically with greater size. One 2-carat diamond will take a much greater toll on your pocketbook, compared with buying two 1-carat diamonds.

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