The Process of Appraising Diamonds

There are many reasons a person might decide to get a diamond appraised. Oftentimes, a diamond appraisal is needed to find out the value of a diamond one is about to purchase. If you are thinking of selling or purchasing a diamond near Rockville, MD, you should take the time to learn about the diamond appraisal process.

Diamond Color

Color is one of the most important factors in determining the stone value. The less color in a diamond, the more it is worth. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive, while those with yellowish undertones are less so. To find out the worth of a diamond based on color, an appraiser will compare the diamond with master stones of varying color grades. The best grade for a diamond is a D, while the lowest is a Z.

Diamond Clarity

You will often hear people discuss a diamond’s clarity when they speak of its worth. Clarity refers to amount of natural flaws in the stone. If there are fewer flaws in the stone, it will have better quality. These flaws, also known as inclusions, are checked to see how visible they are. Stones that have inclusions visible to the naked eye are the least valuable.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond is considered to be another important factor during the appraisal. Here, the appraiser compares the proportions of a stone to those that are thought to be the most sought after in the industry. The closer the diamond is to the desired proportions, the more valuable it is considered.

Diamond Carat

People refer to the size of a diamond by its number of carats. Carats are associated with the weight of the stone. If the carat of the diamond is high, the value of the stone will be as well.

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